Welcome your newsletter subscribers, the right way!

Email marketing has been the oldest, economical and one of the most reliable ways to create and sustain a community of present and prospective customers. Newsletters form an integral part of the whole email marketing gamut. Still, it saddens me to see that even if brands are doing the newsletters right, they seldom focus on the welcome email in particular. Why should you even bother? Welcome emails are sent right after someone subscribes to your email list. Take a moment to understand the ... Read more

Improve your website messaging to increase leads or grow customer base

To increase your customer base, it is necessary to stay in constant touch with potential and existing customers. The more value your business can offer, the more likely they will remain loyal. Analyzing the customer and providing suitable solutions and services are highly important and essential to any business. Your email marketing database degrades every year. Your contacts email addresses change as they move from one company to another or abandon the old email address they use to fill out forms on websites. As a ... Read more

7 tips on creating attention-grabbing push notifications

Push notifications are a permission-based service. Push notifications can help build trusted and valuable connections between your brand and your audience. Push notifications which alert users immediately on the phone, plays a unique role in helping you to reach and engage customers. The push notification can engage customers when they are not busy with something and they are interested in the content of your message, and it catches their eye. 1. Your push notification should be honest and transparent: The number one thing customers ... Read more

Marketing Automation Growth and Adoption Trends

Marketers today are coming up with more ways to automate marketing. With the growing scale of marketing channels that can be tapped by companies to reach out to their target markets, marketing automation tools and software becomes handy and of great value. Marketing automation has been a game changer in different industries - empowering revenue growth and actual sales opportunities. Here's a collection of some stats on marketing automation growth to convince you more why marketing automation can be helpful to you and your organization.  Read more

Invest in personalized marketing by investing in Audience

What is personalization? Personalization is an investment that yields impressive results. Personalizing content can take more effort than producing generic content. The brand will subsequently have more opportunity to gather data about the frequent purchaser based on his or her purchases and will be able to use the applicable personalization techniques over time to increase revenue on the customer. 67% of consumers wish to see more personalization and the ecommerce sites that are able to successfully personalize sees a 19% rise in sales on average. Capturing customers in ... Read more

How to overcome barriers to marketing automation using Audience

Marketing automation is a completely automatic process that streamlines all the marketing processes like customer segmentation and customer data integration. It is the fastest growing solution for marketers and sales professionals. Marketing automation also enables complex marketing activities that are very difficult to execute manually. When you invest in marketing automation, you program machines to create and maintain relationships on behalf of your brand. Even the exceptional marketing teams face roadblocks when it comes to accomplishing their marketing automation goals. Take a look at ... Read more

How to use audience to wake inactive leads

The re-engagement or reactivation technique is used by the marketers on the customers who have previously expressed interest, purchased or otherwise engaged with their company and eventually got disengaged. Re-activating non-active customers takes time, patience and skill with an appropriate plan which can help you boost your revenues. It is more expensive to market to a cold audience than the one who already knows you and is interested in you. The marketer’s main goal should be to encourage the customers to become active again. ... Read more

Boost your sale by upselling (Upgrade) and cross selling (complimentary product) using Audience

Cross-selling is defined as the art of offering products from other categories which are somehow related. For example if you are selling a toy, batteries are a perfect cross-sell item for the toys. Up-sell when you increase the size of existing orders, for instance, an increase in units, a product upgrade or a contract extension. Not only would this increase the total cart value but also increase customer satisfaction preventing the customer from making a wrong choice.   Upselling and cross-selling is the art of ... Read more

Retarget Users with Abandoned Shopping Carts

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to overcome. Basket abandonment is inevitable in ecommerce as the shoppers lose interest, decide to buy from a competitor, back out because of delivery charges. For most online retailers, shopping cart abandonment is a significant pain point and an accepted fact of everyday life. According to a recent Forrester study, 88% of online shoppers report having abandoned a shopping cart without completing the purchase. Retargeting is a phenomenal tool that ... Read more

The Power of Marketing Automation

The use of marketing automation of both small and big businesses is on the rise. According to a survey conducted by SiriusDecisions, there are 11 times as many B2B organizations using marketing automation today as in 2011. And according to 91% of the most successful users, they agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing efforts across channels. But what are the top benefits of marketing automation that clearly convinced these marketers to adopt marketing automation? Take a ... Read more
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